About Us

We are Sweet Plantain Grill. We are food artisans.

Sweet Plantain Grill’s menu includes hot-pressed, delicious, hand-crafted Cuban sandwiches, hot coffees, guava pastries, and South-American-inspired dishes during special offerings. We are food artisans trained under chief food artisan Patty Vera. Our food is made with carefully chosen ingredients of the best quality and freshness. We offer sandwiches with your choice of pork or chicken. We also offer some vegetarian, gluten-sensitive options.

Come visit us and try our famous Cuban sandwich! We also offer the ability to pre-order online, or through our mobile app, “Sweet Plantain Grill.” We offer catering plans and business office lunches you can order and come pick them up at our location or have them delivered.


Our team consists of chief food artisan Patty, Daniel, and Mishelle. We have expertise in the Caribbean and South American dishes. Today, you may visit our food truck at 2317 Hendersonville Rd in Arden, NC.


At Sweet Plantain Grill, we aim to offer the best quality food and the drive to excel! We are authentic about showing our visitors the best quality Latin cuisine.


Our Story

From Cuban Sandwiches to Cuban coffee, the inspiration for Sweet Plantain came from our desire to represent and unify the flavors and cultures of all Latin American countries. Plantains being staple food for many Latin Caribbean and Latin American countries, we found it appropriate to introduce ourselves to Asheville as Sweet Plantain.

Our Foundation

Our food is our foundation, it is how we share our culture and heritage. Our food artisans have mastered the art of handcrafting sandwiches by taking family recipes that have been passed down through generations, and using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients to marinade our meats, giving our sandwiches its unique and authentic flavor. No matter the palate, you will taste an explosion of flavors with every bite, and the special Sweet Plantain touch you won’t find anywhere else.


At Sweet Plantain, we are committed to providing a friendly service and authentic, delicious food made with love, but also being more environmentally conscious about our waste. As caretakers of the environment, we look for every opportunity to make positive changes, such as using compostable containers and eco-friendly utensils. This in turn will help create a cleaner future for everyone.